A little respite for tired eyes…

We know you get tired of looking at balls.  Hell, we’ve seen plenty of them since starting this little blog.  In case you can’t take it no more, head on over here. You can thank me later. NSFW, motherfucker!

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What? A vintage egg scale left unattended for me?

You shouldn’t have…

Hope your mom likes this Christmas present!

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Rapha Bag


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Double Top Tube Bag


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I gotz some new dura ace all up in my balls


Me too!


Dura-Ace Johnson

Posted by ShoZu

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Baggin the sack

So he’s hangin out at his friend’s house and there’s a big ol sack-o-weed left unattended.  Not wanting to be rude, the only thing left to do was to drop his balls on it.dsc02690-medium

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Don’t Mind the Details…

I have to say this constitutes the equivalent of a top tube bag. Nice style points to boot.


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Lance, is this YOU?

This fellow has a very special message to all you wankers out there that don’t find this blog the most amazing thing since sliced bread, “All You Haters Suck My Ball!!!” Yeah, apparently this dude only has one ball. Who is this mysterious man? Is it Lance? By the way, nice touch with the nut racker pad on the stem.


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The Finer Details of Life

Hey, boys, call down, look beyond the titties and notice the color coordination between the finger nails and bike. Now that’s a woman.


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The Soul of the Bag

Like the cali handbuilt touch here with the Soulcraft.


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