Carnival Balloon Bags

It’s emails like this I get on a blistery sunday morning that make me proud to be alive. I present you with our latest fan letter.
Here is a shot that has been in the works for some time. It’s a picture of an anonymous and confidential sac bearer displayed proudly over a friends top tube. The target, Jeff “aka Jeffro” and his beloved custom build Milwaukee 29er ( ). Jeffro’s been a little leery lately as he believed that something evil was in the works. While swilling Peebers in his bar after a chilly night ride we heard the all to often statement from Jeffro, “Well you know my Milwaukee 29er would be able to…..(insert blah, blah, blah here) and that was the branch that broke the last spoke. We made a move indiscreetly to his bike barn and now present to you a picture of what looks like a set of carnival balloon teabags over Jeffo’s top tube.
Thanks for the kool site, I’m certain that his track bike will be next.
Joe Blow
Published in: on November 28, 2008 at 10:34 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. WOW!!! Aren’t those flames charring up the bottom of them nutz!!!

  2. I’m sure Jeffro so rightly deserves this.

  3. Add those to your medal collection!


  4. Blazin Balls, see you at Nationals….

  5. AW SNAP!!! How is the Fro supposed to recover from this one?? And does the bike now call for a toptube pad or do you just wipe the smears off now??

  6. That bike,from this day forward, shall only be referred to as “Teabag”.

  7. […] Anyways back to my search. I’m digging aropund and digging around and I can tell that I’m starting to get closer until I realized that I was in way too deep. You know, like that feeling that you get when you’re doing something a little wrong because it makes it a little risky and all of the sudden someone changes teh plans up a little bit and you realize that you bought into something completely that you weren’t prepared for?? Well this search turned out that way for me and I found a link to the owners bike in a VERY DISTURBING PLACE. Now I have to warn you, before you click on this link it is indeed pornographic and not appropriate for children, having heard this warning if you’re still interested you can follow the link to this site RIGHT HERE. […]

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