What Folks Have to Say…

I feel violated. – Marc

Frankly, this site has opened my eyes, if only because I think I’ve finally discovered an acceptable use for a top tube pad. Until this guy is safely in police custody, I intend to place one on my own bike whenever it’s left unattended. – Bike Snob NYC

DUDE why would you ever send that to anyone. That is the most awful thing I have ever seen. Oh my god you are out of your mind. Got thee to rehab!! – David

Dude, that is totally NSFW!!! Where do you find this shit? – Tony

That is pretty rad. your teabagging skills are coming right along. – Phil

You’re a sick, sick man. 😉 – Tom

You know what they say, any advertising is good advertising . . . oh wait, eww that’s disgusting – Robin

Must be the optical inch – Terry

Wow. Some shit you just don’t need to know about. Thanks for sharing. – Bobby

I think my mom really likes your website – Paxton

That is sick, looks like your sack, not that I ever saw them, but they are staddlin bikes you may own! – Rick

That. is. awesome. Happy bike porn browsing – Johnathon

Dude, that’s freak’n insane. WTF – Scott

Leave your comment below. I double dog dare you…

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4 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Looks like you may need a trim…

  2. dude….i totally want to lick your sack!!

  3. Your balls + my bike = your balls kersplatsky.

  4. I will never look at my Bianchi the same way again..

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